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BizDash saves you time and gives you peace of mind.
In the initial stages – we train via a live link service, then we check in to see how you are going. You won’t be left trying to work out a whole new program and feeling lost & overwhelmed.
Every quarter, we review your level of compliance via your Dashboard. We then let you know what you may need to bring up to date – so that you and your team can get on with your business - not being constantly bothered by us – unless you need our advice!

The Path to your Compliance program in 3 easy steps

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BizDash provides you with live and informative training on your Business Portal set-up.

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BizDash loads custom safety docs and forms according to your business & industry requirements.

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So, your workers start learning & signing their required documents - both you & they have access to those records.

BizDash Benefit

You will increase time efficiency across Your Business — freeing your team to focus on their important workload activities.

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Save time on documents processing with BizDash’s preloaded templates

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Record accidents in Your Compliance Portal quickly & simply

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Remain up to date with latest Workplace Safety or employee regulations – saving you time and money

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Reduce staff turnover by keeping better records keeping and training, so both you, and they, can see their own records

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Save your time on paperwork – you do it all on-line!

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Provide you and your staff with ‘live’ Training and Support

BizDash Support Service

We are there when you need us - simply call or email.

In the initial stages – we train via a live link service, then we check in to see how you are going as a group. We don’t leave you trying to work out a whole new program – thus, feeling lost & overwhelmed.

By reviewing your level of compliance every quarter, we save you time and give you peace of mind. We then let you know what you may need to bring up to date. This lets you & your Team get on with business. We don’t constantly bother you.

BizDash Safety Platform

Checklists and Forms – you can:

  • Create custom checklists and forms or use our prebuilt templates for recurring audits
  • Assign audits to responsible personnel and follow up with notifications
  • Utilise 16 different items to create and enhance your forms.

Task Management – you can:

  • Assign tasks quickly to the correct person in your business
  • Ensure accountability with features such as due dates and reminders
  • Keep track of progress and deadlines, and easily see what your colleagues are working on
  • Edit tasks easily, adjusting your strategy as an event unfolds.

Safety & HR Documentation – you can:

  • Create custom Audits & inspections or use our prebuilt templates for recurring audits
  • Get data filled and electronic signatures on Inductions, SWMS and SOPs with few clicks
  • Send automatic alerts to employees for overdue actions
  • Upload hand filled and other worker documents instantly under each worker’s profile.

In App Chat you can:

  • Make announcements, send updates and initiate conversations with your team mates
  • Store and access past conversations for reference, post-event review, and compliance audit purposes
  • Remind people, instantly, to complete forms or take immediate action on overdue matters.

What They Say About Us

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  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Services Sector
  • Franchise Single $ Multi
  • Hospitality
  • Industries
  • Trades
  • Retails
  • Offices
  • Construction & Civil

Logistics & Warehousing

BizDash suits our business so well. They know our industry and quickly set us up, supported us to learn he system and are always there quickly to assist us.

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Services Sector

We are a small-sized business and needed support with our Workplace Safety & HR, In having BizDash we were surprised in just how simple the programs are and more so their support service was a nice surprise compared to many others that just sell you their software and leave you to work it out.. Their support Team are not only there when you need them but they also check in on you and give regular guidance as to where you may need to catch up on something or give some good sound guidance on an HR matter

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Franchise - Single and Multi-site

After having to work on a complicated Franchise system we found BizDash to be so easy yet it ensured we were undertaking the right actions for our employees and our sub- contractors. Whilst in our Franchise our supplier always states that they will support us – we encounter the usual -send an email or we will get back to you soon. Whereas with BizDash they have provided us with professional & quick support beyond anything I’d expected Working with the BizDash Team has been a great feeling as they really do take time to understand our business and our Workplace Safety & HR challenges. Then they continue to check in and ensure everything is going well. It is brilliant to connect with like-minded people who have a passion for what they do and the service they provide.

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We have a function centre and have very little time to do our workplace safety. We looked at several systems only to find it was either you subscribe to a online system but it is all up to you to work it out or we would have had to pay a lot of money to have someone come onsite and then they would be there during business hours -when we are busy. BizDash from the outset was totally different -they spoke with us , showed the system, helped set it up, then on a regular basis assisted us to learn the system- then we thought OK we can do this now. To our surprise BizDash take regular reviews of how we are operating the system and then give us a nice call and explain any areas they feel we may need to rectify a bit. Now when they call it feels like someone you trust calling you and helping you- it is a good feeling to have this level of support in an area we do not have a lot of knowledge in.

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We are a small but busy business and have to ensure we have a safe workplace. BizDash has made it simple, time efficient and very cost effective compared to some systems we looked at. They kept a remote check on how we were going and spoke with us regularly to keep us up to date. When we needed an extra safety plan, they quickly helped us put it onto the system and explained how to implement it with the staff. Easy yet professional team to people with and we like how they keep on supporting us - in the background

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Before we started to work with BizDash all we had was some old copies of SWMS and a Register other than that we had no knowledge about the essential business compliance records and importance of workplace safety processes and procedures. We were more and more often being asked to provide proof of having a proper workplace safety system . We did know we could not afford to employ a OHS and HR manager. When we spoke with BizDash they kept it all so simple for us. Having BizDash has meant a big change for how we operate and think about safety and also our own business image. The guidance they have given us has been fantastic. We enjoy working with BizDash. The process is easy and very low cost

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After our insurer stated we need a workplace safety system we researched a lot of online systems. With BizDash, I was interested as they provided ongoing support so I wanted to know more and contacted them. A team member contacted me to discuss the services they offer and explained how they can be of help to us. They booked me to show me a free view of the system then offered not only to a free trial but set it up under our name as well. It was great to explore and to my surprise they called me to ask if they could help me in any area, I was having difficulty with understanding on how to use. Subsequently we decided to go with Biz Dash. The programs they offer and systems they provide in conjunction with their services helped us a great deal. We knew that we needed some guidance; including improved safety management plans and HR documentation and processes. It has been a very pleasing experience. We have happier staff & a much safer workplace.

South Australa
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BizDash is a simple but very effective system for a smaller office. We needed both HR & Workplace Safety. The software is very easy to learn and use. However, I feel the best value is the support they give, you can call them, they will help you on the spot, then you receive a regular support call after they have remotely reviewed your portal and give guidance as to what may need attention to keep everything in order. Recommend to anyone to take their free trial and see for themselves.

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Construction & Civil

We are a small but fast-moving business so having a system that gives you the right safety tools to us meant it had to fit into our business easily. After searching for a long time, we gave BizDash a trial and were pleasantly surprised to find the support from day 1. These guys didn’t care we were on a free trial they just wanted us to be able to use the system so we could make a proper decision. We soon went ahead and found the system really works well for us. The ongoing support by BizDash has been beyond what we expected. They keep us up to date with reviews and then guidance as to what is needed to be done. Having an online system that also has support checking for you, has made it an essential for our business. The bonus is it is very low cost and you still get real support & service.

Southern NSW
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BizDash Safety Features

Up to 5 team members

Send Unlimited documents for eSignature

Emergency Manual

Inductions Books

10 Standard SOPs or SWMs

Unli8mited Inspections, checklists, HSE documents

Task Management

In App Chat

BizDash HR Features

Up to 5 team members

Send Unlimited documents for eSignature

HR Policies and Documents

Paperless Employee Onboarding

Daily Timesheets

Leave Requests

Choose Option

that suits your needs best

Select One Service Only

Workplace Safety OR HR

Select Both & Save Money

Workplace Safety AND HR


  • One service only, Safety OR HR
  • Both services, Safety AND HR
  • No commencement fee (Higher monthly fee)
  • With commencement fee (Lower monthly fee)
  • Maximum savings in the long run
  • Option 1

  • Flat Monthly Fee


    Option 2

  • Commencement Fee


    Monthly Fee


    Option 3

  • Flat Monthly Fee


    Option 4

  • Commencement Fee


    Monthly Fee


    Extra Addons

    Evacuation Diagrams

    Dedicated Account Manager

    If more than 5 team members then $5/month per member

    Dedicated HR Advisory Specialist

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    The BizDash Portal Platform has been designed for small & medium businesses. It provides -quick, simple, easy to use & cost efficient programs with live qualified support Team.